Silvia Marcotullio

Artistic Director

Performance, direction and screenplay

Silvia Marcotullio


She graduated from the École Internationale de Recherche et Création Théâtrale (Paris), 1980-83; continued her studies at the EAD (École d’Art Dramatique, Paris) 1983-85, following three different specialties and directing her training at three different levels: performance (Jeu Théâtre); pedagogy (Formation du Comédien); composition (Analyse et Écriture Dramatique).

She attended numerous specialization courses and masterclasses at the École Philippe Gaulier (Paris) in 1986: "Grotesque and ironic theater" and at the same school in 1987: "Tragic theater and Modern Drama". In 1988: Analysis and decomposition of Feldenkrais movement, at the École Monika Pagneux (Paris). 1989: Monographic course on Shakespearean Theater, at the Academy of Art (London).
1990: Neutral mask and Mimic method of Orazio Costa, at the Center for Initiation to Expression. 1992: Monographic Course: "Theater of the absurd and nonsense: Beckett and Ionesco", at the Academy of Dramatic Art of London.

1994: Workshop on Cinema and "acting" with Dominique De Fazio (New York Actor’s Studio) in Rome. 1995: Master in playwriting, at the CDC. In 2000: Master in Theater Direction, at UM. In 2012, she participates in an international course on Puppet and Shadow Theater in Bangkok (Thailand) on "Khon", "Lakon", "Likay", and "Nang Yai". In 2013, she participates in an international course on Puppet and Shadow Theater in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) on "Wayang Kulit", "Bangsawan", "Ma' yong".

Artistic Activity

In 1981, she co-founded with Emmanuel Gallot Lavallée the International Theater Company in Paris, and was an actress in the same until 1988 in the shows: ’84 "Adam and Eve", “Concert for a pot” directed by Emmanuel Gallot-Lavallée, ’85 “Delirium” directed by Emmanuel Gallot-Lavallée, ’86 - '87 “The Creation of the World” directed by Emmanuel Gallot-Lavallée, “Cinemelò” in which she was actress and director, presented in Europe at major Festivals and International Reviews. From 1988 she wrote and directed numerous theatrical shows. Tours in Italy (Lazio, Veneto, Piedmont, Lombardy, Tuscany, Umbria, Marche, Calabria, Campania, Basilicata, and Sardinia). International tours: France, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands, Spain, Belgium, Austria, Great Britain, Portugal, United States, South Korea, Panama:
1984: "Concert for a pot" and "Adam and Eve"
1985: "Delirium"
1986: "The Creation of the World"
1986 - 1987: “Cinemeló”, “Harlequin Goes to War”, “The Plague”, “Pastime”
1988: “Sepultae res”
1989 - 1990: “Waterloo”
1991: "The Mad gallery"
1991 - 1992: “Telenostop”, “The Eiffel Tower Wedding Party”, “Arturo Ui”
1994: “King Lear King”, “Double Noise”
1995 - 1996: “Ionesco: The Nonsense”
1997 - 1998: “SatirikaTv”; “Macbeth”
1999: “Absurd for Absurd”
2000: “Shock Wave”
2001 - 2003: “Macbeth Kills-a grotesque tale”
2004: “Hamlet”
2005: “Twelfth Night”, “Tivvucumprà”, “Monsieur de Pourcegnac”
2005 - 2007: “Chinese Opera - Eyes of the East” 2006: “Malatv”, “My suitcase lost its voice”
2007: “Cafè Dada”, "Matilde and Maneque", "The moon and death"
2008: “Grace's secret”, “Prospero's visions”
2009: “Ulysses”, "Gangster stories", "Ion'esco"
2010: "Comicscafé"
2011: "The greenhouse", "Dinamore"
2012: "Absurdus"
2013: "Bang", "Black Comedy"
2014: "Bitter sweet love"
2015: "The Importance of Being Earnest"
2016: "Clownstrophobia"
2017: "Rhapsody in clown"
2018: "Clown bistrot"
2019: "Beyond the wall" co-production with the Teatro Eliseo

Recent International Productions

2010: Actor coach in the studio “The Art of Pleasure” and "Kabala Sviatos" (NJAT - New Jersey Arts Theatre). 2011: Actor coach in the studio "La Isla Bajo el Mar" (Caribbean Theater Company - Casco Viejo, Panama). 2012: Actor coach in the studio “Two Americas” (NJAT - New Jersey Arts Theatre). 2013: Actor coach in the studio "The Stone Guest” original script; 2014: Actor coach in the studio “The Maze of Books” original script; 2015: Actor coach in the studio “Dissocial Network”, original script; 2016: Actor coach in the studio “Falling down” freely inspired by the novel “A long way down” by Nick Hornby; 2017: Actor coach in the studio “Jekyll & Hyde” adapted from “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde” by R. L. Stevenson; 2018: Actor coach in the studio “The Plague” freely inspired by the novel “The Plague” by A. Camus.

Artistic Direction and International Conferences

In 1984 with E.G. Lavallée she founded and directed the “International School of Theater”, since 2012 “International Academy of Theater”, where she is still the Artistic Director. The Academy is accredited and subsequently authorized according to the Resolution G.R. n°770/2002 - Det. n° 2818/2010 – Det. n°G13653/2015 of the Lazio Region, to issue the professional qualification title of Actor, Assistant Director, and Director.
In April 2016, the Academy was authorized by the Miur to issue the First Level Academic Diploma in Acting with D.M. 251/2016.
From 1985 to 2004, she wrote and directed several shows that took part in the "Roman Summer" and the "Roman Carnival" organized by the Municipality of Rome.
In 1986: she directed the Villa Pamphili Theater Festival; in 1987, she created and directed the San Gregorio Multipurpose Cultural Center; in 1989 she directed the Intermuras Festival, in collaboration with the Province of Rome; from 1989 to 1993: she directed the European Theater Festival, with the Province of Rome; in 1992 she directed a FSE course in Directing and Theater Dramaturgy; from 1992 to 1995: she directed the Italian Festival of Director's Theater in collaboration with the Lazio Region; from 1996 to 1998 she held a seminar on Tragedy and Modern Drama, at the CCT of New York; from 1996 to 2002: she directed the Theater, Painting, Visual Arts Festival of the Municipality of Rome. In 2003 she directed the course "Humor and irony in the European theatrical tradition" at the Namyangju Arts Festival for the performance department of the University of Seoul (South Korea).
In 2007 she directed the course “Puppet Theater” in Hanoi (North Vietnam). From 2007 to 2012 she directed the "New comedians" series and "Outdoor Theater Festival" in collaboration with the municipality of Rome From 2008 to 2012 she directed the Emerging Theater Festival and the European Theater Rome Review.
In 2009 she directed a course on Directing and Screenwriting at the CCTI in Miami, Chicago, and San Francisco.
In 2012 she participated in a series of conferences and workshops on danced drama with the use of masks and shadow theater at the Department of Fine Arts of Bangkok (Thailand).
In 2014 she directed a workshop on rhythm techniques and buffoonish interpretation at the Evoè School for Actors in Lisbon (Portugal).
From 2014 to 2019 she directed the "San Gregorio al Celio live performance festival" in collaboration with the 1st Municipality of Rome Capital. In 2015 she directed a workshop on body percussion techniques and advanced vocalization at the Accion Escena Acting School in Madrid (Spain), also in 2015 she took over the direction of the First Level Academic Diploma Course in Acting of the Academy.


In 1987 she won the 1st prize at the “Frankfurt Theater Festival” with the show “Cinemeló”, in which she was actress and director. In 1991 in London: she won the 1st prize International Theatre School Competition with “The Mad Gallery”, which she wrote and directed. In 1992 in Arezzo: 1st prize Italian theater schools festival with “The Eiffel Tower Wedding Party”, which she wrote and directed. 1993 in Venice: 1st selected: CEE Directing and Screenwriting Competition Del. n° 982 24.09.1992: Best concept. 1994 in Madrid: 1st selected for the second phase of the Directing and Screenwriting competition: Best creation. 1995 in Paris: 1st selected for the third phase of the Directing and Screenwriting competition: Best screenplay. 1996 in Città di Castello: 1st prize Theater schools review, with the shows “The Increase” and “Without a Net”. 1996 in Rome: won the Directing and Screenwriting national competition: Best directing. 1997 Amsterdam: won “E.U. European Theatre Director Award 1997, Best show" with “Macbeth”.