Sebastiano Valentini

Interpretation - Use of the voice

Sebastiano Valentini

He began his theatrical training by attending the Linguaggi Workshop at the Teatro Stabile delle Marche, working with Maria Clelia Rossini and Fabrizio Bartolucci until 2008. From 2005 to 2006 he attended the workshop directed by Rita Giancola, Jader Bachiocchi, and Benilde Marini within the “Plautus Project”. In 2006 he attended a workshop dedicated to improvisation techniques: “Between Theatre and Dance” directed by Monica Miniucchi.

In 2011 he graduated as an “Actor” and “Assistant Director” at the International School of Theatre. In 2003 as a theatre actor he played Isaac in “Abraham and Isaac” by D. Fo, directed by D. Fo, he was a presenter and actor in various short films and musicals. Since 2011 he has been an actor in the show “Regina Rosae” for which he wrote the texts. In 2016 he collaborated with the Amaranta/Orma Fluens Company for the immersive theatre show “Augenblick – the moment of possibility”.

Since 2011 he has been teaching at the “International School of Theatre”, now “International Academy of Theatre”, focusing on acting, voice education, and diction.

He has directed several theatrical shows, among the most recent: 2012 "The gangster's ride", 2013 "The rest... is silence", 2014 "Joan Dark" and "Poems at Twilight”, 2017 “Tears and Troubles” and “Confused but Happy”.