Pasquale Candela

Direction and screenplay

In 2003 he began his theatrical training at the Popular University of the Performing Arts in Naples and he attended the DasArts residential master at the Amsterdam University of the Arts on theatrical performing arts for Theatermakers. In 2004 he took part in a seminar on the theatrical themes of the brilliant comedy directed by Glauco Mauri. In the same year he continued his training at the Accademia Internazionale di Teatro and in 2007 he gradueted as an "Actor" and "Help-Theater Director". In the same year he graduated as a "Competition Judge" for the Coreographic Team category and completed his training with the intensive modern and contemporary dance course at Baiano. In April 2010 he was called by the "A. ". Leone Professional Institute for Industry and Crafts " ofNola (NA) as an external expert for the PON on the" Non-verbal language ". Since 2005 he has worked as artistic director and directed the theater performances of various structures: in 2005 at the "Julia" of Peschici, in 2008 and 2009 at the "VR Club" of Messina, in 2010 and 2011 at the " Kartibubbo "of Mazara del Vallo and in 2012 and 2013 at the" Internazionale "of Manacore. As an actor and director his professional experiences begin in 2004 with the "Turn" of Pirandello, directed by M. Coccorullo; at the same time it deepens the knowledge of NLP (neuro-linguistic programming, non-verbal language and theatrical improvisation techniques. In May 2004 at the Teatro San Nazzaro in Naples he presented the show "L'interesse" by Peter Brook, directed by E. Castaldo, with the same director participating in the stage "Mimo e pantomima" and "Choreography and choreographic elements". In 2005 he followed the stage of Pierre Byland on clown improvisational techniques - Tecnique du jeu clownesque in Switzerland, and is the protagonist of the short film "Faber", directed by A. Grassi. In 2006 he is an actor and screenwriter of the free adaptation "Pericolosamente" by E. De Filippo and participates in the stage of Didier Gallot Lavallée (Royal De Luxe Company - Nantes ") on the direction of moving objects and physical training. In 2008 he took part in the TV series "Intelligence" with Raul Bova and followed the practical seminar on scenic relationship techniques in the Open Air shows with the company Theater Titanick at Munster, Germany. He is an actor of the theater company "Valdrada" in the shows "Tu Uomo!" And "Le Baccanti" in 2010. In November 2013 he is the interpreter of the TV series "Squadra Antimafia 6". Since 2010 he collaborates as a teacher of improvisation techniques at the Accademia Internazionale di Teatro in Rome. In 2014 he collaborated in the direction of the show "Empty Shells" and participated in the stage "The clown and his discovery" and "Techniques of comedy" held by Ian Algie in Bari In 2015 he collaborated in the direction of the shows: "Amaro Dolce Amore" and "Turning Doors"; he directs the show "A qualcuno piace clown!" and "Il settimo giorno". In 2016 and 2017 for the theater company Controtempo curates the following shows: "Camera 801", "Otello" "Il rumore del silenzio" "Olocausto: il mare e la sua mediocrità", "Cyrano de Bergerac" and "Amleto".