Daniele Nuccetelli

Interpretation, text analysis and construction of the character

He studied in Russia in 1991-93 at the Academy of Dramatic Arts in Moscow directed by Anatolij Vasil'ev after having attended the "Fersen" Academy in Rome. In 1996 he continued his studies with the director and pedagogue Jurij Alschitz in Italy and designed and promoted the Protei Association (International Theater Projects), a new artistic space based in Rome and Berlin for the production of update workshops for actors and professional directors. A few years later he founded the DinamoTeatro Company with which he produces professional training workshops and theatrical performances of which he is a director ("Rosencrantz and Guildenstern sono morti" by T. Stoppard, "Le Serve" by J. Genet, "Roberto Zucco" by BM Koltès, "Sogno di una notte di mezza estate" by W. Shakespeare, "Ippia minore" from Plato's Dialogues). He co-produces and interprets the monologue "Diario di un killer sentimentale " by L. Sepulveda. He writes the dramaturgy and directs the shows "Game over", "Pilade è morto", "Il Gabbiano". In 2001 he received the post of trainer and trainer for the "Advanced course in techniques and methodologies of the dramatic arts" supported and financed by the Puglia Region. In 2004 at the Ceis (Italian Center of Solidarity) he held an intensive theatrical workshop promoted by the Province of Rome on the prevention of juvenile discomfort at the recovery centers of Lazio, realizing the show "Sei personaggi in cerca d’autore" by L. Pirandello. He collaborates with Itaca (International Theater Academy of the Adriatic, the first Academy of Theater accredited by the Puglia Region) as a lecturer in the techniques of acting, directing and theater pedagogy in collaboration with LAMDA (London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art). In 2012 Itaca entrusted him with the final module of the Advanced Training Course for actors and directors of the III year of the Academy with whom he staged the show “Le Baccanti” of Euripides. He takes part As an actor, directed by A. Vasil'ev, at the shows: "Ya chaika" on texts by Chekhov; “Il Gabbiano”, “Il giardino dei Ciliegi”, “Zio Vanja” presented at the Volterra Theater Festival; “I Dialoghi” of Plato (Hippias minor, Hipparchus, Euthyphrous, Alcibiades, Ion), “Le Novelle” of L. Pirandello, “Ciascuno a suo modo” of L. Pirandello, co-produced by the Teatro di Roma, the Centro Studi Teatro Ateneo, the University of Rome and the School of Dramatic Arts in Moscow. With the direction of G.P. Borgia he works in the shows: “Ifigenia” by M. Eliade and “Come spiegare il comunismo ai malati di mente” of M. Visniec both produced by the Teatro Stabile di Catania, “Filottete” of Sophocle produced by the National Institute of Ancient Drama of Syracuse, “Troilo e Cressida” of W. Shakespeare, “L’Autore” of T. Crouch's, “Chi era davvero R.T. Fex” of S.C. Perroni, “Yerma” (realized and presented at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival), “La casa di Bernarda Alba” by F. G. Lorca, “Diario di un killer sentimentale” by L. Sepulveda. He worked at the Teatro della Limonaia in Florence with “B. Nativi in Pentecoste” by D. Edgar and with the Krypton Company of G.C. Cauteruccio in “Angeli di Luce” by P. Handke; at the Polytechnic University of Rome together with G. Marini co-directs and interprets “Il calapranzi” by H. Pinter; “Il Colonnello Chabert” of H. de Balzac with the direction of the DinamoTeatro group; “Ippia Minore” from Plato's Dialogues directed by A. Bergamo; he is the interpreter of “Diario di un ladro” by J. Genet directed by P. Columba and “Phaedradi” of Seneca directed by U. Margio. In cinema, television and advertising he worked with G. Muccino, M. Bellocchio, G. Piccioni, M. Monicelli, G. Salvatores, J. Pytka, E. Eronic, A. Falduto, G. Base, A. Peyretti, R. Moscow, M Vullo, P. Poeti, R. Mertes. Since 2004 he has been external lecturer of the permanent laboratory of pedagogy and theater practice at the Giulio Cesare high school in Rome. In 2009 he collaborates with the Istituto Luce di Cinecittà as an acting expert for a training course included in the project for a film promoted by the Film Commision Regione Calabria. He creates several workshops and workshops for professional actors aimed at staging, including the most recent on the "Pilade" of P.P. Pasolini, "Il Gabbiano" and "Tre sorelle" by A. Chekhov Since 2012 he collaborates as a teacher of Textual Analysis and Character Construction at the Accademia Internazionale di Teatro of Rome.