Fiammetta Bianconi Managing director for the 1°year

Interpretation, construction of the character


Classical and then artistic-theatrical studies at the University of Rome "La Sapienza" create a special interest in her for the scenography and the study of the body and of the scenic movement. Starting from 1977 she studied in Rome at the Elsa Piperno school: "Graham Technical Contemporary Dance". During the same period she took part in the dance training seminars at the Tanztheater Wuppertal - Pina Bausch in Wuppertal. From 1980 to 1983 she studied in Barcelona at the "Centro Studi Area", in collaboration with the Theater Institute, specializing in "Tragedy and modern drama" and "Acting and Scenic Movement". In '85 she studied with Peter Stein, Actors Studio, in Milan "Building the character". In 1986 she followed her monographic studies on theater and visual art, with Wolfgang Storch, University of Berlin. Specialization course in 87: "Chorus and Ancient Tragedy", in Paris and in the same year with Monika Pagneux: "The Feldenkrais Method". She deepens the Neutral Mask study at the Theater Study Center in Frankfurt and she attends the Teatrodanza specialization courses led by Malou Airaudo of the Wuppertal Tanztheater in Rome. In 1989 she follows in Genoa, the Master: "Construction of the character". In the same years, she participated in the Afrodanza courses with Bob Curtis and Tecnica Cunningham with Roberta Garrison in Rome. In '92 at the Teatro Danza Nacional de Cuba "La Habana", she studied the Yoruba Technique (Afrodanza). In 2000 and 2001: follows the Update 1 st and 2 nd level in theatrical pedagogy, Institute of Theater of Barcelona.

Artistic activity

From 1986 to 1988 she is an actress in the Compagnia Internazionale di Teatro in "Cinemeló" (Italy, France, Spain, Holland, Germany, Denmark, Austria). She writes and directs numerous theatrical works of the same Company presented in the main Italian and European theater and dance festivals: tours in Italy and in Europe: France, Germany, Switzerland, Holland, Spain, Belgium, Austria, Great Britain, United States, South Korea.

Artistic direction

Since 1984 she has taught in the "Scuola Internazionale di Teatro", which in 2012 became the "Accademia Internazionale di Teatro" which she co-directed since 1990. The Academy is sponsored by the Municipality of Rome, the French Cultural Center and the French Embassy and subsequently it is accredited by the Lazio Region and is subsequently authorized and accredited according to the Resolution GR n ° 770/2002 - Det. n ° 2818/2010 - Det. n ° G13653 / 2015 of the Lazio Region, to issue the professional qualification of Actor, Assistant Director and Director. In April 2016, the Academy is authorized by the Ministry of Education to issue the 1st level Bachelor in Performing Arts with Ministerial Decree 251/2016. In 1987, she creates and directs the "Cultural Center of San Gregorio al Celio". From 1996 to 2007 she directs the "La Piazza Narrante" Festival in collaboration with the Municipality of Rome, IV Department of Cultural Policies. From 2007 to 2012 she organizes and directs the "Rassegna dei Nuovi Comici" and the "Open Theater Festival" in collaboration with the Municipality of Rome. From 2014 she directs and organizes the "Live Show Festival San Gregorio al Celio" in collaboration with the I Municipio di Roma Capitale. She directs numerous theatrical performances, among the most important: 1991: "Aspettando Godot" by S. Beckett 1993: "Zivago" free adaptation of the book "Dr. Živago" by Boris Leonidovič Pasternak 1994: "Una lunga domenica di passione" free adaptation of the homonym book by Sébastien Japrisot 1995: "Bianco e nero", "De vita de amoris" 1996: "La cabala dei confidenti", "Oceano Mare" 1999: “Lanterne Rosse”, “Calembour” 2001: “E il treno va”, “Dadadelirio” 2002: “Emigranti”, “Nozze di Sangue” 2003: “Como el tiempo como el mar”, “Delitti imperfetti” 2005: “Frammenti di Luna” 2006: “La trincea” 2007: “Viale dell’incontro” 2008: “Sulla collina” 2009: “Esuli dal passato” original script 2010: “La distanza ci rende stranieri” original script 2011: “Non ho peccato abbastanza” original script 2012: “La saga Troiana” free adaptation from the Iliad of Homer 2013: “Spegni i miei occhi” original script 2014: “Giulio Cesare”, “Riccardo III”, free adaptations of the homonymous works by W. Shakespeare 2015: “Titus”, free adaptations of “Tito Andronico” di W. Shakespeare, "L'Anarchia del vento" original script 2016: “La XII Notte” free adaptation of the homonymous work by W. Shakespeare 2017: “Grand Tragedies’ Hotel” free adaptation of the works of W. Shakespeare “Otello”, “Macbeth” and “Amleto”

Specialist Training Direction

She directs seminars, internships and workshops for professional training and specialization for actors, cultural operators and teachers including: FSE 1994 and 1995, for Actor specialized in disciplines and theatrical techniques. In 1996 she directs the seminar on the theme: "Creating a Character: from improvisation to text analysis" at "The Italian Cultural Center" in New York. In 2003 she directed the specialization course on the theme: "Ancient Tragedy and epic acting in Europe" at the Faculty of Discipline of Performance of the University of Seoul (South Korea). In 2004 and 2005 she directed several "School / Theater Construction" refresher courses for middle school teachers in collaboration with the XVI Municipality Municipality of Rome. From 2006 to 2011 she directed Specialization Courses in Theatrical Pedagogy. In 2014 she conducts a workshop on the Neutral Mask at the Evoè School for Actors in Lisbon (Portugal). In 2015 she conducts a workshop on the theme "Balance in Equilibrium" at the Acciòn-Escena School for Actors in Madrid (Spain).


In 1987: she wins the 1st prize at the "Frankfurt International Theater Festival" with the show "Cinemeló", in which she is an actress. In '91: she won the "Best subject" and "Best Show" award at the International Theater Competition at the Teatro Nacional de Cuba "La Habana", with a review of "Aspettando Godot" that she freely drew and directed. In '93: she wins the 1st Prize at the Theater Schools Competition of the. T. U. of Madrid: with "Zivago", which she wrote and directed. In'94: "Una lunga domenica di passione", which she wrote and directed, is awarded as Best Show at the I.T Review. of Barcelona. In 2012 she was invited to present the show "La Saga Troiana" which she directed at the "Teatro del Costone" in a review organized by the Center of Anthropology and Ancient World of the University of Siena.