Didier Gallot Lavallée

Scenography and costume

He graduated at the Institute of Fine Arts in Orleans in 1975, continuing the "Theatrical Studies" at the University of Toulouse until 1978. From 1979 to today he teaches seminars, conducts specialization courses in: Scenography in motion - Subjects and forms in space - Costume and disguise in the creation of the character. He teaches Plastic Arts at the Universities of Tour and La Rochelle. In 1979 with the director Jean Luc Courcoult he founded the Company "Royal de Luxe" one of the most important "Open-air" theater groups in the world. Production designer and actor of the Company in the numerous works and events presented all over the world: Europe, Australia, Korea, China, Vietnam, Chile and Africa. He is first actor in the main shows of the Company itself, such as: - The demi-final du Waterclash - Publicité urbain - Roman Photo - La Véritable histoire de France - Cargo 92 - Les embouteillages - Le Géant tombé du ciel; - Le péplum - Dernier voyage - Retour d'Afrique - Les Chasseurs de girafes - Petits contes nègres - Petits contes chinois - Le Tréteau des Ménestrels In 2005 he starred in the show "The Sultan's Elephant", inspired by a story by Jules Verne, realized on the centenary of his death, which was represented in many countries of the world, starting from London where the event was followed by about one million people and then Nantes, Antwerp, Calais, Santiago de Chile, Reykjavík, etc. The show, which obtained a unanimous consensus from the public and international critics, was considered one of the largest and most fascinating works of public art ever made. In 2011 the company returned to Chile with the show "El Xolo" Currently, in addition to teaching, he is involved in urban scenography projects that provide for the recovery and redevelopment of dilapidated urban areas and suburbs with particular attention to water gardens and the creation of creative and eco-sustainable spaces. He is also responsible for directing and organizing large parades on the occasion of the most important cultural events in the world.