Arcangelo Iannace

Cinematographic and television acting, Acting and Improvisation Techniques

He graduated in 1992 at the Popular University of the Performing Arts of Naples, directed by Ernesto Calindri; the L.I.S.A., of Rome, directed by G. B. Diotajuti (1995) and the Scuola Internazionale di Teatro of Rome (1998). He completed his studies as an actor: 2002 to 2007 workshop for actors on Strasberg techniques, with Geraldine Baron (Actors' Studio, N.Y.); 2005-2006 stage on the Interpreting and Visual Arts of Cinema and Theater, with Doris Hicks (Rome); 2006 workshop for actors "Work on character" with Susan Batson (Rome); 2006 Lee Strarsberg method with Francesca Viscardi; 2007 workshop for actors "Dream and Character Work", with Elizabeth Kemp (Rome); 2002 to 2005 Professional training course at Bont's International School (Ibiza); 2003 with Duccio Camerini Technique of Narrative and Contemporary Narrative; 2007 with Pierre Byland (first student and then teacher at the Jacques Lecoq school in Paris) he is working on the "Research of his poetic humor"; 2009 Stage Strasberg Method with Elizabeth Kemp. Since 2000 he teaches at the "International Theater School" today "International Theater Academy" applying the Strasberg method to film and television acting techniques. Since 1992 he has been supporting artistic activity as a theatrical actor with a specific orientation towards cinema and television in particular: 1992 "Il Turno” by Pirandello" (directed by E. Calindri); 1996 "Assassinio nella cattedrale" by T. E. Eliot (directed by T. Pierfederici); 1997 "Pensavo fosse amore invece erano ormoni" (directed by da A. Angelici); 1999 "Le maschere nel baule" (directed by A. Giulietti); 2000 "Leder di Shuman" by G. Loffarelli (L. Monti Festival riviera di Ulisse); 2002 "Il Tartufo" by Molière (directed by M. Cimpanelli); 2003 "Orienti" (directed by D. Cemerini); 2008 ”Dignità autonome di prostituzione” directed by L. Melchionna; 2009 "L’ultima notte di pace" (directed by F.Zanni) 2010 "Kamikaze napoletano" (directed by F. Frangipane) “Oedipus on the Top” (directed by D. Camerini); 2011 "L’ultimo treno" (directed by Elodie Treccani), La marcolfa (directed by C. Simoni); 2013 “Come tu mi vuoi” (directed byF. Zecca); 2014 “Gabbiano” (directed by F. Gili); 2015 “Tre sorelle”; 2015/2016 “Leo” (directed by F. Frangipane), “Angeli” (directed by F. Gili), “Misantropo” (directed by F. Frangipane); 2016/2017“E’ un processo irreversibile” (directed by F. Zecca). In 2011 he founded, together with F. Spaziani and M.Bevilacqua, the company In Estremaratio, with whom he creates a series of short films and theatrical performances “Picu, io sono l’eroe”, "Bestie" and "Saggia questo". In the cinema he works in "Biuti Quin Olivia" (directed by Federica Martino Prod. Diana Film 2001); 2006 "Sangre de Perro" (directed by L. D'Agostini 2007); “Scusa ma ti voglio sposare” (F. Moccia 2009); “Dalla vita in poi” (directed by G.Lazzotti 2010); “ I Peggiori” (directed by V. Alfieri 2016). From 2000 to today he has worked in various fictions for Mediaset and Rai such as: “Incantesimo” (directed by A. Cane); “Via Zanardi 33” (directed by S. Serafini); 2005 “Don Pietro Pappagallo” (directed by G. Albano); “Gente di Mare” and “Joe Petrosino” (directed by A. Peyretti); 2006 “Ris” (directed by A. Sweet); 2007 “Distretto di polizia” (directed by Capone); “Questa è la mia terra” (directed by E. Mertes); “La Terza Verità” (directed by i S. Reali); “Codice Aurora” (directed by P. Bianchini); “Crimini Bianchi” (Mediaset); 2010 “L’ Ombra del mistero” (directed by P. Belloni); 2011 “Squadra antimafia” (Mediaset); “Commissario Rex “(Rai); 2012 “La Farfalla granata” (directed by P. Poeti); 2016 “I bastardi di Pizzofalcone” (directed by C.Carlei), “Squadra Antimafia” (Mediaset).