Annarita Colucci

Theater make-up, Theater costume design, Movement and Interpretation techniques

She began her career in 2001 with the theater company Hermes teatro Laboratorio directed by Emilio Andrisani, working on theatrical research related to the popular traditions of her region, Basilicata, and on the study of ancient tragedy. With Hermes Teatro she performs an internship of 8 months and receives a certificate of professional qualification as a prose actress conferred by the Basilicata Region. She collaborates in recording and recording two popular music CDs and deepens her musical studies playing the organ. In 2005 she moved to Rome where she obtained the diploma of actress and assistant director at the Accademia Internazionale di Teatro. She deepens her training working with Emma Dante, Davide Iodice, Massimiliano Civica and in 2011 with Ennio Coltorti In 2008 she attends the FIT (Teacher training theater) at the Ass. Cult. Jobel of Rome. In 2010 she won the award for best actress and public award at the "Grafie" monologue festival at the Sala Pintor in Rome. Since 2010 she works with the company Ondadurtoteatro in Rome with the shows "Orlando Furioso", "Aire", "Felliniana". With the company Ondadurto participates in several European festivals (Poland, Germany, Austria, Cyprus, Spain). At the same time she carries on the study of the design and production of Theater Costumes specializing herself in the use of different materials, fabrics and techniques in the scenic performance at the LabCostume in Rome, with Daniele Sulewic at the Nowy Theater in Poznan (Poland), and in the study of Theatrical and cinematographic make-up at Romaeur Academy. In 2012 she participates in an international research seminar in Istanbul with the company Astragali di Lecce, directed by Fabio Tolledi and she takes part in the event show in Istanbul on “Uccelli” of Aristophanes, she follows in the same year the seminar on the Linklater Method directed by Alexander Fabrizi. From 2013 she teaches Costume and theatrical Make-up at the A.I.T. Parallel to the activity of actress, she works as a theater teacher for children for Jobel Teatro and for the Girolami elementary schools, Raffaello Sanzio and at the Centro Culturale Gabriella Ferri in Rome. In 2011 she graduated in Literature and Philosophy at the University of Rome La Sapienza and began her collaboration as a teacher of movement and interpretation at the Accademia Internazionale di Teatro in Rome; she attended “La Palestra dell’Attore” with Giancarlo Sepe and studied tap tap with Cesare Vangeli at the LIM. In April 2013 she wrote and directed the show "Cùntami" selected at the "All-in Public Domain" festival of the Teatro dell'Orologio in Rome, at the ET Festival directed by Massimiliano Bruno and at the RIC festival promoted by ATCL Lazio. she attended the M. Bruno High School Training Center as a scholarship graduate in 2014. In 2015 she graduated from the Faculty of Literature and Philosophy in the "Theatrical, cinematographic and digital show" course and she followed the dramaturgy and stage writing workshop with Maria Letizia Compatangelo. From October 2013 she coordinates, organizes and directs the project "Per fare il teatro che ho sognato" together with the teacher Guido Di Palma for the University of Rome LaSapienza and the Casa dei Teatri. In 2017 she is assigned the chair for the practical workshops of the Master in Social Theater. In June 2014 she is assistant-director and performer in the show “R&G Tutto questo è già successo”, directed by Simone Leonardi. She works as an actress in the performances of the Compagnia degli Intonsi: “Suite per un teatro corto”, “La Mandragola” and “Il teatro comico”, directed by Claudio Capecelatro. In 2014 she founded, with Roberto Andolfi and Adriano Dossi Illoco Teatro, starting a research work on contemporary theatrical language and on the scenic movement. For the Illoco theater company she write and direct the shows “Cùntami”, “Fantasia portami via”, “La versione di Shlomo” and “ Le voci” (presented at the Almada Festival in Portugal). In 2016 and 2017 she takes care of the artistic residences and directs the shows “Le Supplici” and “I Persiani” for the "La Boulé" Festival in the municipality of Vallo della Lucania. In 2017 she follows the workshop “King Lear: Atelier di Creazione Teatrale” directed by Alessandro Serra at the Centro Teatrale Umbro and the laboratory “Amore e Abbandono” directed by Emma Dante in Rome. She also participates in the workshop “Il corpo racconta – Per una drammaturgia fisica” at the Tehran Plateau (Iran). In 2017 she is assistant to Lilo Baur (Company Les Boufes du Nord by Peter Brook) in the theater workshop on the comedian and the farce at the Teatro di Villa Torlonia in Rome, organized by La Sapienza University.