Lorenzo Pasquali

Entertainment marketing, cultural management

He studied modern comedy working from 1993 to 1996 with the company "Gli Instabili" of Rome. in 2000 at the International Theater School of Rome participating in numerous national and international theater festivals with the show "Macbeth Kills". In 2003 he graduated from Bont's International School (Ibiza) where he worked on the "presence" and the staging of the "comic timing". He deepens the Shakespearean theater studying with Mamadou Dioume, historical actor of the international company directed by Peter Brook. In 2004 he specialized with Antonio Fava on the Commedia dell'Arte, on the masks of the Zanni and the Captain. In 2005 he graduated at the University of Roma Tre in DAMS (Discipline Arts Music and Entertainment). In 2007 he deepened the relationship between image and body expression with Living Theater. He continued his research in the field of contemporary dance applied to the theater with the study of Graham technique, Contact-Improvisation and acrobatics, thus deepening the relationship between movement and expression. Since 2002 he teaches at the "Scuola Internazionale di Teatro" today "Accademia Internazionale di Teatro" history of theater and cultural management. In 2001 he creates with Marco Paciotti the "Ondadurto Teatro" Company, where he directs, interprets and produces the shows: "Un Certo Signor De Molière" (directed by M.Paciotti), "Drom ... a forza di essere vento" (directed by M.Paciotti and L.Pasquali), "Vita di Galileo" (directed by I.Danovaro), "Orlando Furioso" (directed by M.Paciotti), "Felliniana" (directed by M.Paciotti), "Aire" ( directed by M.Paciotti), "Crash Flight" (directed by M.Paciotti), "Pulcinella va alla guerra" (directed by M.Paciotti), "C'era una volta" (directed by M.Paciotti), "Cafè Europa "(directed by M. Paciotti) He is Artistic Director of 2 Festivals: inEURoff Festival that takes place every year in Rome in the monumental location of EUR and inBORGO Festival that takes place in a small village near Rieti: international multidisciplinary festivals with urban theater performances, dance, music, new circus.