Angela Di Sante

Acting in English - Movement techniques

She began her first stage experiences as a child studying classical and contemporary dance and continuing uninterruptedly until the end of her university studies. During the university she also approaches jazz dance, the Argentine tango. She studied with important teachers and dancers of the national and international scene (Anthony Basile, Ande Peck, Stefanella Testa, Dominique Portier, Margarita Trajanova, Paola Catalani, Salvatore Capozzi, Guido Lauri, Liana Pistoni, Flaminia Grazia Dei, Michelle Durtnell, Elisabeth Sjostrom and others). In high school she attends her first acting workshop. She travels a lot abroad. she spends long periods in the United States where she studies English and dance. After graduating in Foreign Languages and Literatures, she decides to devote herself to the professional study of dramatic art. She graduated in acting and directing at the Accademia Internazionale di Teatro. She perfected her studies with workshops at the European School for the Arts of the Actor in San Miniato and later at the Silvio d'Amico Dramatic Art Academy in Rome. At the same time she obtains the S.I.S.S. qualification for teaching English. For a few years she taught in middle and high school, also using theater as a methodology for learning the foreign language in school classes. She attends the dubbing school of Giorgio Lopez and in 2004 she approaches the study of the technique Lee Strasberg with Geraldine Baron (of the Actors Studios in New York), which will then continue with the Master Michael Margotta. She follows a Master Class on the Scenic Combat conducted by Master Ran Arthur Braun. In 2008 the Italian Dance Federation confers her the qualification of classical and contemporary dance teacher and "Ad honorem" the Diploma of theater-dance teacher. She is a founding member of GAG Entertainment, with whom she has staged highly successful comedies such as “È morto Frank Sinatra”, “La Guerra Fredda della famiglia Sox”, “Clochard”, “Il padre dello Sposo”, “Occupy Piazza Colonna”. She has worked as a protagonist in numerous theatrical performances alternating dramatic roles with brilliant ones and as an assistant director alongside Carlo Emilio Lerici and Teresa Pedroni. Thinking of her, the author Federica Bassetti wrote some of her plays “Donna in Scatola”, “La notte nel Giorno”, e “Mutuo a Perdere”. In 2009, on the occasion of the centenary of the Futurist Movement, she performed in the Auditorium dell'Ara Pacis Augustae in Rome in the show Teatro Sintetico Futurista and in the two-part Concerto for Futurists starring Roberto Herlitzka and directed by the director Teresa Pedroni. Since 2009 she collaborates with the New Klassica Symphony Orchestra performing and directing the direction of the shows: Pierino e il lupo, Il Carnevale degli Animali, Lo Schiaccianoci, La Bella Addormentata nel Bosco, La Storia dell'elefantino Babar, Il lago dei Cigni, Le Quattro Stagioni, Gli Aristogatti, La carica dei 101, Il Libro della Giungla. Those shows these shows were represented inside important theaters of Rome as Teatro Brancaccio, Teatro Eliseo, Teatro Parioli. Since 2013 she has performed with the orchestra in the Auditorium of San Domenico in Foligno within the Amici della Musica festival. She wrote and published “Gigy” a children's book on e-book, illustrated by Gianpaolo Bertoncin. Since 2003 she teaches acting and dance to children, teenagers and adults, curating the direction of numerous shows. In 2019 she took a master in Choreographic Composition issued by CSEN danza Roma.