Luca Negroni

Techniques of improvisation and Commedia dell’Arte

He graduated at the "La Scaletta" by Giovanbattista Diotaiuti, where he had as teachers among others Antonio Pierfederici and Orazio Costa and attended the theater courses "Drammastudio" in Milan held by Enrico D'Alessandro. In 1990 he debuts in theater with "Les enfants terribiles" by J. Cocteau. Since then many theatrical works (from I Miserabili and Lucrezia Borgia by V. Hugo, to Sogno di una notte di mezza estate by W. Shakespeare, to the recent Poliziano by EA Poe), and the actors and directors with whom he collaborated ( P. Leroy, F. Benedetti, G. Fortebraccio, A. Martino, A. Mazzamauro, A. Salines, A. Innocenti, N. Mascia, L. Poli, C. Alighiero). After many years in the company Cotta - Alighiero, in which he takes part in almost all productions both as an actor and later also as assistant director, and in the company Teatro Artigiano has been touring with L. De Filippo since 2003. He also participated as an actor in some film and television productions, working with the directors L. Casadio, A. Longhi, R. Pacini, N. Molino, T. Del Colle and F. Gastaldo. There are also many shows in which he has worked as assistant director, an experience that has resulted in the last few years with the first shows for the shows "Il mistero del libro scomparso" taken from the works of the commedia dell'arte, "La Pupilla" by C. Goldoni , "Le Nuvole" by Aristofane and "Gaia terra di mezzo" with the actress S. Ventura. Parallel to the commitment in the theater as an actor and director he has deepened the study of the Comedy of Art, participating in numerous shows and festivals in Italy and abroad, and has undertaken for several years teaching activities teaching and holding seminars in many schools of theater including that of the teacher G. Diotaiuti, the Artès school of E. Brignano, the Sharoff, the Parioli Academy and at the Art Academy in the heart that is dedicated to the training of professionals in the field of theater, music and dance of disabled people . He teaches at the post-graduate courses for Actor and Assistant Director of the Accademia Internazionale di Teatro by the A.A. 2009/2010.