Edoardo Scatà

Acting and screen acting

In 2000 he graduated in Literature and History of Cinema at Ca 'Foscari in Venice. He is casting director for the major Italian productions of Fiction and long Serials for the leading roles such as the D.A.P., the Titanus and the Grundy Italia. Among the most important works, many editions of the series "Incantesimo" (140 episodes), edition number 6, number 7 and 8 together with Jenny Tamburi. Among the latest works, the cast of "Betty la Brutta" for Grundy Italia and numerous television commercials. Since 1988 he has been a theater actor following first the school of Gigi Proietti, and then working, since very young, in numerous shows for several years, with names such as Alida Valli, Aldo Trionfo, Luca Ronconi in "Strano Interludio" and "L’ultimo giorno dell’umanità"," Madre Coraggio” by Brecht with Calenda and Piera degli Esposti, Denis Marleau, in a French edition of “Roberto Zucco” by Koltes, Maselli, Dino Risi, Franco Giraldi, Luigi Perelli. He then left the scenes permanently in 1995 to devote himself to both the teaching of acting and the direction of casting television cameras. He performs annually the teaching of the subject "cinema acting" at many theater schools in Rome, undergraduate masters and annual courses and seminars of acting in many Italian regions.