Michele Gaudiano

Editing - History of cinema

Michele Gaudiano

In 2001, he began collaborating with the "HermesTeatro Laboratorio" Theater Company in Matera, of which he is currently a member, participating in the setups of numerous theatrical performances, actively involved, not only as an actor, in the creation and staging in all its phases.

From 2004, he attended the degree course in "Literature, Music and Entertainment" at "La Sapienza" in Rome, following courses in History of Literature, History of Theater and Cinema. In 2009 he graduated with a Thesis on the pedagogical work of Jacque Lecoq.

In 2008, he graduated as an "Actor" at the S.I.T. in Rome Two-Year Professional Training, having deepened the study of the neutral mask and the Lecoqian tragedy, with elements of mime and pantomime, use of masks, elements of Commedia dell'arte, Buffoon and Buffoonish parody, study of reactions and relationships of clown and research of one's own clown. Elements of singing, acrobatics, and juggling.

From 2009, he attended the three-year course in Video Design at the European Institute of Design in Rome, acquiring technical and artistic skills in various areas such as Video Editing, Shooting Techniques, Creative Writing, Directing, and Graphic Design, with elements of Modeling and 3D Animation, Post Production and Compositing. He graduated in 2012, making a Documentary commissioned by the Museum of Contemporary Art of Rome on the Artist Residency Project.

Thus begins his activity as a freelance videomaker, making educational and promotional videos for various entities including: Macro (Museum of Contemporary Art of Rome) and AIAC (Italian Association of Architecture and Criticism).

Since 2013, he works at In House Cinema Post Production as a Postproduction operator (visual and digital effects, graphics, editing...) for various feature films among which the most important are: Sacro Gra (2013), Smetto quando voglio (2014), They Call Me Jeeg (2015), Fast as the Wind (2016), Like Crazy (2016), Immature - The Series (2017)

Since 2012, he has been teaching at the International Theater Academy on the History of Cinema for the Professional post-diploma Courses for Actor and Assistant Director of the International Theater Academy authorized by the Lazio Region.

In 2012, he collaborated with Accenture Multimedia Agency on the supervision and editing of the documentary on the exhibition "Akbar the Great Emperor of India".