Accademia Internazionale di Teatro ,regularly organizes festivals and theatrical reviews, in order to allow the different classes of the Performing Arts Academy to present their recitals to the public in the evenings.

  • December 9-22 th 2020
    Teatro Anfitrione (
  • April 29th - May 8th 2021
    Festival di Primavera - Parco San Gregorio al Celio (via Valle delle Camene 1/b)
  • June 18-27 th 2021
    Teatro Anfitrione (

Theatrical Festival and Reviews

Accademia Internazionale di Teatro also participates, with the performances of the advanced classes, to numerous theatrical events organized in collaboration with the City of Rome and other relevant institutions. The students of the Accademia Internazionale di Teatro can approach professional theatrical areas by strengthening their experience on the stage and promoting their professionalism with the artistic support of the Academy itself.

  • Festival Primavera
    Rome, April 29th - May 8th 2021
  • Summer theatrical season
    Pomezia, Piazza Indipendenza - July 2021

Saggi, rassegne e festival

Since 1984 the International Theater Academy - Acting School Rome, promotes the exchange between activities of theatrical teaching, creation, production and staging of plays and productions of short films, among the best acting schools and academies of theater and cinema, belonging to different realities international art. Over the years, the theater school has participated and organized numerous competitions and National and International theatrical reviews of the best theater and cinema schools and academies, for to allow to the student actors to confront themselves with other formative, creative experiences of acting techniques and fields  different expressions such as drama theater, puppet theater, theater / dance, open air theater, the  gestural theater, comic theater. (ACCADEMIA TEATRO ITALIA / SCUOLA RECITAZIONE UE / ACCADEMIE TEATRALI / CORSI RECITAZIONE)