Graduate Students

The page "Diploma holders" is a tool to facilitate the meeting between job demand and supply, to link the world of education and production. The page, activated starting from the A.Y. 2007/2010, puts online the list of students graduated from the International Academy of Theater and indicates photos, academic years of attendance and subjects of training. The consultation of the page allows you to have an artistic profile of the students, their physical characteristics and formative peculiarities, encouraging their inclusion in the labor market. The page can in fact be a tool for the casting agencies, useful to identify those that responds to the characteristics indicated by the casting directors.

According with the privacy law D.lgs.196/03 and EU rules (GDPR) n. 679/2016, the contact enquiry must be sent to the Academy that will connect the two parts.

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Come avviene nelle migliori Scuole di Teatro, l'accreditamento delle Accademie di Recitazione in Italia prevede la messa in rete dell’elenco degli allievi diplomati e delle materie oggetto di formazione del triennio delle Accademie di Recitazione in Italia e delle Scuole di Teatro in Italia a partire dal Nuovo Ordinamento Accademie di Recitazione / Scuole di Teatro A.A. 2007-2010. (ACCADEMIE TEATRO ITALIA / SCUOLA RECITAZIONE MIUR AFAM / ACCADEMIA TEATRALE)