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New Regulations

Accademia Internazionale di Teatro
A.Y. 2022/2023

The entertainment sector, constantly evolving and subjected to the pressure of increasingly diversified competitive scenarios, requires professionalism and qualification especially in the training phase. It is therefore fundamental to promote unique, innovative study paths aimed at creating employment opportunities through the renewal of expressive styles, experimentation and the deepening of new artistic languages

The New Academic Program adopted for the A.Y. 2022/2023 from the Accademia Internazionale di Teatro – Scuola di Recitazione Roma, pursuant to art. 11 of Presidential Decree 212/2005 which defines the characteristics of the Institutions of Higher Artistic Training, suitable for awarding Academic Degrees, has been approved by D.M. 111 of January 15th, 2021.  The New Didactic Organization provides for biennialization and triennialization of basic subjects of the Acting Academic 1st level Degree, as Acting Techniques, Use of Voice and Moving techniques.  The training responds to the needs of the labor market in the entertainment world with an all-round practical and theoretical training. Thanks to the recognition of the Bachelor in Performing Arts, this study path opens a wide window on employment prospects ranging from the most strictly performing activities, to teaching, from collaboration with social and health structures, to the Theater in the company, up to the planning and organization of cultural events.

Training Objectives

  1. a) Mastery and knowledge of vocal and physical instruments.
    b) Mastery of the Italian language and its pronunciation. (Prose acting)
    c) Mastery of the actor's interpretative and performative processes. (Research and experimentation)
    d) Mastery of dramaturgical techniques.
    e) Mastery of directing and screenwriting techniques.
    f) Knowledge of musical language and its applications.
    g) Mastery of cultural marketing strategies.

Job Prospects

  1. Theater of prose, research and tradition.
    b) Film, television and radio productions. (Shooting Acting)
    c) Live show in all its forms (Prose - Dance theatre - Musical) d) Theater Pedagogy (Workshop - Theater Courses).
    e) Theater animation (Storytelling theater - Figure theater - Gestural theater).
    f) Social theater and theater in business training programs (Theater therapy - Dramatherapy - Management of relational dynamics)
  2. g) Dubbing
  3. h) Planning and organization of cultural events.


Regulation of Theatre Academies MIUR-AFAM

The course is characterized by different educational activities: workshops, lessons, seminars, exercises; individual or group study activities and performative activities, rehearsals and showsEach student must consider himself, during the course of study, available for all activities, ordinary and extraordinary, both teaching, entertainment and experimentation. The hours of the institutional courses range from 5 to 8 hours of lessons every day, from Monday to Friday. Each individual course follows its own specific class schedule with periods of one morning and / or afternoon depending on the individual and / or group workload. Timetables can be intensified (at evening and weekend) during the preparation of the exams and the performative and production's activities. Each quarter of the study ends with a writing and staging of performances or interpretative demonstrations that can include rehearsals during the evening and on weekends. Attendance to didactic and performing activities is mandatory. Continuous and unjustified absence leads to exclusion from courses. The absence in the periods of rehearsals of the shows or the shows themselves is a reason for definitive exclusion from the Academy. To fulfill the attendance obligation, presence of students cannot be less than 80% of the total educational activities, excluding the individual and / or group study.  (Accademie di Teatro - Scuole Recitazione AFAM)

The New Order follows the directives indicated by Presidential Decree 212/05 for the achievement of Academic Bachelor of 1st level in Acting (THEATER SCHOOLS - THEATER ACADEMIES - ACADEMIES RECITATION). Furthermore, the study program of the International Academy of Theater - Acting School Rome is in line with the best Acting Schools in Italy and the other artistic formative institutions (THEATER COURSE, RECITATION SCHOOLS, THEATER ACADEMIES, ACADEMIES, RECITATION, SCHOOLS) THEATER), recognized by the EU based on the European actor's Training Programs (THEATER COURSES, THEATER ACADEMIES, THEATER SCHOOLS, RECITATION COURSES, ACADEMIES RECITATION).