Acting Academy

The Accademia Internazionale di Teatro, is opened to students from all over the world, with the purpose of forming young professional actors able to answer to the competitive and different demands of the international theatrical and cinematographic survey. International artists able to go beyond linguistic boundary: from humor to dramatic art, from prose to image theatre, from word to movement, starting from a solid knowledge of the past to better understand the meaning of the present.

The Academic Bachelor in Performing Arts A.A. 2022/2023, equivalent to the three-year diploma, with competition purpose according to law 228/12, provides for an intense and articulated study plan for the professional preparation of the theatrical, prose, research, experimentation and cinematographic actor with particular reference to the live show.

The training project, divided into three years study with 5/8 hours of lessons per day, aims to train complete artists able to go beyond the boundaries of language: from drama theater to physical theater, from cinematographic acting and identification to the new frontiers of digital and visual art, from humor to dramatic art. The training project also includes the study of the direction, of the script, and of the productive orientation in an artistic scenario in continuous renewal.

During the years of study, students have to take theoretical/practical exams: from History of Theatre to Cinematographic Acting, from Comedy of Art to Legislation and Production, from Critic to Direction, from Improvisation to Singing, from Comedy to Elizabethan Theatre, from Dramaturgy to Dance Theatre, to Stanislavsky - Strasberg method.

Pedagogical Model – Academies and UE Theatre Schools

The Accademia Internazionale di Teatro, Scuola di Recitazione, ai sensi dell'art. 11 DPR 212/2005,  which defines the characteristics of the Higher Education Artistic Institutions aimed at issuing University Degrees, is structured following an innovative pedagogical model.

  • Three academic years with full-time study and practice schedule.
  • The acting, both dramatic and comic, starts from the study of theatre of Art, of prose, of identification of the characters to go to the dynamic acting of visual arts.
  • Scenical languages (voice, music movement, acting) are teached both technically and inside the scenic action.
  • The theatrical academic acting is the base for all types of acting, but in order to aligning with developments in the labor market, the academy provides workshops on “acting” and specifical stage for camera acting.
  • Great value is given to the creative process of the individual and group work, with the purpose of achieving an original and personalized artistic independence.  It is also developed the ability to work in the theatre direction and is promoted the ideation and theatrical production in order to create self-product structures from artistic and organizational point of view.
  • The study of direction is also addressed to the cinematographic and audiovisual sector, through shooting techniques, application of new technologies, the productive approach and the realization of short artistic operation of this sector.
  • The shows are inspired to didactic themes:  the Academy gives students the chance of completing their training on stage while promoting their visibility.
  • The study of theoretical subjects such as: History of Theatre and Show and Management and Promotion of the sector that will give to future artists the possibility of better placing their professionalism in the work world.
  • The work on theatrical and cinematographic direction and script is theoretical/applicative and is faced at the end of the interpretative path, during the last part of the course.
  • Cultural and aptitude requirements for students/actors:
  • good level of literary, theatrical and cinematographic culture
  • good aptitude to teamwork, compare ideas, opinions and critics
  • good aptitude for listening, flexibility in approach and creative choices.
Specialization addresses of “Accademie di Teatro - Scuole teatro Italia - Accademie Recitazione Roma” The best Theatre Schools and Acting Academies, in Italy, provide an articulated didactic path that addresses the best acting techniques.
1. Dramatic Art Courses Prose theatre – Prose acting academies.
2. Use of voice – Singing Musical Acting School and musical Acting Academy.
3. Analysis and decomposition of Movement - Mime Technique - Contemporary Dance Gestual Theatre School – Physical theatre School – Pantomimic theatre School.
4. Comic Phenomenon Course Schools of “teatro dell’arte” – Schools of comic acting – Comic acting Academies.
5. Direction – Script Theatre Academies actor/author/Theatre Schools actor/director. Theatre Academies and Acting Academies recognized by UE
6. "Acting" Courses Cinematographical acting courses and Academies and Cinema Schools