Course for Director - Lazio Region
Three-weekly frequency: Tuesday and Thursday at 4pm-8pm / Saturday 10am-2pm / 3pm-7pm

The Course for "Director" offers a training that deals with the different dramaturgies starting from an analysis of the various styles and the exercise of scenic staging, to reach a comparison with theatrical, cinematographic, visual and digital art languages through the study of the methodologies of director's creation and direction of the actors. The course is aimed at those who, having previous training in the field of acting and interpretation, already have an awareness of stage languages and want to specialize professionally in the field of direction, with the deepening of technical and artistic skills and the experimentation of directorial techniques in the different areas of the show.

Course Structure

The course lasts one year, divided into three didactic cycles, and foresees a three-weekly compulsory attendance with 9/12 lessons per week. The didactic structure is articulated by approaching the various theatrical genres: tragedy, comedy, modern drama and avant-gardes, through text analysis, practical exercises and improvisations. At the same time, the study of directorial methodologies (realistic, symbolic, expressionist, choreographic) and character construction techniques is developed along with an in-depth analysis of the technical and organizational aspects necessary for a professional application of creative skills. The professional qualification title at the end of the study path for "EU 5th Level Director", is issued by the Lazio Region with Del. No. 770/2002, valid throughout the national territory and, since 2005, recognized by the European Community.

Educational Program

FIRST CYCLE: January-March 2023

"The Tragedy and the Drama / Vision of the staging and Direction Project"

  • Text analysis and character study
  • Comparison between literary translations
  • Read the text in production
  • The imagery and the vision of space
  • The Direction Project
  • Scenic cuts
  • Reworking of the text according to the Direction Project

SECOND CYCLE: April-June 2023

"The Comedy / Direction of the actors"

  • The comic mechanism
  • Improvisations
  • The construction of the characters
  • The construction of the jokes
  • The score: rhythm / text / gesture
  • The scenic relationship
  • The scenic design

THIRD CYCLE: October-December 2023

"The Avant-gardes / Contamination of languages"

  • Technology at the service of poetry
  • Management of the technical apparatus
  • Contaminations
  • Writing for scenic paintings
  • The Direction Plan
  • Elements of Production and Entertainment Legislation


Admission tests for the Director Course will be held on Monday 9 January 2023 at the "Circo Massimo" headquarters of the International Academy of Theater. The result will be published Wednesday, January 11, 2023. Candidates who pass the admission tests can formalize their registration by January 13, 2023. The Course for Director will begin Friday 13 January 2023.

Requirements and admission tests

  • Majority
  • Italian citizenship or regular residence permit
  • High school diploma
  • Mastering of the Italian language
  • Curriculum Vitae and certificates demonstrating training and experience in the entertainment sector
  • Passing of the following admission tests:
    1. A written thesis up to a maximum of 5 pages containing the Direction Plan of a published work written or translated into Italian
    2. General culture interview and analysis of the proposal of the Director's Plan
    3. Monologue, of a maximum duration of 5 minutes, taken from the same work chosen for the Direction Plan

Registration for admission tests

Registration is formalized from 1 to 15th December 2022 by completing the Application Form with an authentic signature at the Educational Secretariat of the International Academy of Theater and handing in:
• Front / back copy of the Identity Document and the Tax Code
• N. 2 passport photos
• Curriculum Vitae and certificates demonstrating the training and experience gained in the entertainment sector
• Exam fee € 50

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