A.Y. 2023/2024
Preparatory Course

October 2 - 12, 2023

Candidates, divided into various sections, will attend the Preparatory Course, from Monday, October 2 to Thursday, October 12. The Preparatory Course is aimed at preparing for the Admission Tests for the 1st Year of the Three-Year Acting Course. Students will have the opportunity to interact with Instructors from various disciplines: movement, voice, acting, and diction who will support the prospective students in preparing for the Performance Tests on October 12.

Lessons and rehearsals

Lessons from October 2 to 8 and rehearsals from October 9 to 12 require a commitment of 3/8 hours per day, are held at different times for each section and are included in the following time range:

  • from 9:00 AM to 8:00 PM

The specific schedule for each section, communicated to prospective students before the start of the Course, may be subject to changes and extensions due to specific educational needs.

Lessons and Admission Rehearsals of the International Academy of Theater are held at one of the following locations:

  • Anfitrione Theater - Via San Saba, n° 24 - Rome
  • “Circo Massimo” Teaching Site - Via Valle delle Camene n° 1/b - Rome
  • “Latina” Teaching Site - Via Latina n°232/a - Rome

Preparatory Course Regulations

  • By October 3, the texts (downloadable below) must be memorized.
  • More than two absences are not allowed.
  • Students can be enrolled in the Preparatory Course no later than October 4, 2023; in this case, no absences are allowed.
  • Students must report any absences by phone or email.
  • In case of being more than 10 minutes late, entry is in the next hour.
  • Remember to sign the Attendance Register every day at the beginning of the lessons.
  • Wear comfortable clothing, tie up hair, non-slip socks, or rhythmic shoes.
  • It is strictly forbidden to keep mobile phones on during lessons.

Performance Tests

Performance Tests at the Academy are held on October 12, 2023 from 11:00 AM to 8:00 PM in the presence of the Examination Commission. The Examination Commission, appointed by the Director of the Academy, establishes the criteria for assigning candidate eligibility for admission to the 1st year of the Three-Year Acting Diploma Course.

The judgment of the Examination Commission is final.

Candidates must attend the Admission Tests with a valid identity document.

Performance Tests include:

  1. Acting test: dialogue memorized in Italian from the following texts: "Trouble in the Factory" and "This Is Your Problem" by H. Pinter, "Delirium for Two" and "The Bald Soprano" by E. Ionesco. Or a monologue in Italian for men "Monologue of King Bérenger I", for women "Monologue of Queen Marguerite", from "Exit the King" by E. Ionesco. (Download the file)
  2. Poetic acting test: a poem memorized in Italian from: "Living Air" by P. Eluard, "I Wouldn't Want to Die" by B. Vian, "The Plague" by A. Camus, and "Refrain to Cry" by J. Tardieu. (Download the file)
  3. Physical expressiveness test: movement sequence to musical accompaniment.
  4. Vocal expressiveness test: sung piece to musical accompaniment or vocal skill tests.

Candidates must memorize the pieces and scenes proposed.

At the end of the Admission Tests, the results of the Competition Announcement for A.Y.2023/2024 will be posted on the Academic Notice Board at the "Circo Massimo" teaching site of the International Academy of Theater.

Candidates who are deemed suitable must finalize their enrollment at the Academy by Monday, October 16, 2023.

Classes will begin on Wednesday, October 18, 2023. At the end of the performance phase in December, students will have the opportunity to discontinue their studies. It will also be possible for the Board of Professors to evaluate the opportunity for students to continue their studies based on the assessments obtained.

After October 10th, admissions to the International Theater Academy - Rome School of Acting for aspiring student actors will proceed in the manner of admissions for private candidates (see Admissions section for Private Candidates at Theater Academies - Acting Academies - Theater Schools in Rome). As in the best Acting Schools, the Examining Commission is present in the theater for the Academy's Admission Tests and is appointed by the Director of the International Theater Academy (Theater Academies - Acting Academies - Theater Schools) among the academic heads of the International Theater Academy - Theater School, the internal teachers of the Theater School itself, and experts in the field. (Theater Academies - Acting Academies - Theater Schools in Rome).