Internationalization efforts, production and research activities

The Academy characterizes its training with teaching methods and performing styles that are internationally oriented thanks to the artistic provenance and professionalism of the teaching staff. This promotes the versatility of students and teachers through participation in specific projects carried out in cooperation with European institutions and companies that are part of the international network of the Academy.

Erasmus+ Accreditation

The Academy has submitted the documentation to be part of the European Erasmus+ programme: "Strengthening the European Community through education and culture". The objectives of the programme are to invest in mobility for the purpose of learning for all, cooperation, and the development of innovative policies in the educational and training fields. Spending time in another Member State, speaking other languages and learning about the cultural heritage of Europe and its diversity are fundamental additional values.

International companies and networks

The Accademia Internazionale di Teatro is part of the RIEA, Red Internacional de Escuelas de Actores. It is also in touch with the largest European puppet theatre companies, such as Theater Titanick (D) and Royal de Lux(F).

Mobility Calls


The artistic production of the Accademia Internazionale di Teatro comes to life from the research carried out during the training activity that, each time, is brought forth for the specific production projects in which the Academy gets independently involved or in association with partners. The production activities always involve students or alumni of the Academy selected through specific calls or by a direct choice of the director.


The research carried out by the Accademia Internazionale di Teatro in the artistic and technical field is aimed at deepening the training of its students in specific fields of research ranging in the various forms of performing art. The Academy publishes texts and teaching materials, and promotes exhibitions and festivals that allow different artistic forms to interact with one another and that are linked to artistic production by making its own spaces, technical facilities, library, tools, props, and costume storage available to the research projects. The research activity promoted by the Academy is aimed on the one hand at a theoretical and practical deepening of the themes of teaching, and on the other to an expansion of specialized artistic and technical knowledge that will facilitate the entry of their students into the professional world.

Internationalization efforts, production and research activities

Accademia Internazionale di teatro is devoted to the internationalization, in this section the academic projects are collected partnered with european producing and educational institutions, both within and outside EU. (ACCADEMIA RECITAZIONE / SCUOLA TEATRO).