Alessandro Fabrizi

Uso della voce - Metodo Linklater

Use of the voice - Linklater method

Actor, director and authorized teacher of Linklater Method. Among the shows directed by him:"Studio per Le Onde di Virginia Woolf" (Teatro Due, Roma 1995); "Di Cosa Abbiamo Paura Quando Abbiamo Paura del Buio" by Alessandro Fabrizi (Teatro Due, Roma 1996); "Aminta" from Torquato Tasso (Festival Per Antiche Vie, Teatro di Roma, 2000), "Bartleby the Scrivener" from R.L. Lane, from Melville (Blue Heron Theatre, New York, 2005); "MusicaRomanzo" by and with Nada Malanima (Teatro Giacosa, Ivrea e Teatro Libero, Milano 2009; Teatro Vascello, Roma 2011); "Scompagine" by Nada Malanima (Teatro Alfieri, Asti 2014), "La tempesta" by William Shakespeare (Festa di Teatro Eco Logico a Stromboli, 2016). In collaboration with Nicola Sani he created the hoerspieldrama "T.S.Eliot's The Waste Land" for RAI RADIO UNO (1997). From 2003 to 2006 he lived in the United States where he held drama workshops at the Actors Center in New York and Columbia University, University of Chicago, Stony Brook University, Dartmouth University - Hanover, Butler University (Indianapolis) and he taught at the Actors Center Conservatory in New York. The visa, with a maximum duration of three years, was later renewed by Columbia University to allow him to direct the thesis of the actors of the post-graduate program of the School of Performing Arts. In the United States he directed the shows: "A Theater Study for Virginia Woolf's The Waves" (Blue Heron Theater, New York 2004); "Aminta" in the translation by Charles Jernigan (Butler University College, Indianapolis 2005); "Bartleby the Scrivener" by R.L. Lane, from Melville (Blue Heron Theater, New York, 2005); "Metamorphoses" from Ted Hughes's "Tales from Ovid" (The Theater of Riverside Church, New York 2006). In cinema he collaborated with Anthony Minghella ("Il Talento di Mr Ripley"), Tom Tykwer ("Heaven", "The International") and Fatih Akin ("Solino") as dialect coach (by Jack Davenport, Giovanni Ribisi, Cate Blanchett , Barnaby Metsurat) and supervisor of Italian dialogue in the pre-production, production and post-production phases. As an actor he played the role of Sergeant Baggio in "The talent of Mr Ripley" (1999) that of the Cerrutti inspector in "The International" (2009), that of the Guardia degli Uffizi in "Inferno" (2015) by Ron Howard and the Porter Hotel in "TRUST", a series directed by Danny Boyle (in progress). He produced and directed the documentary "Giving Voice" (in competition at the Filmfestival of Sulmona, 2008) and translated Kristin Linklater's manual "La Voce Naturale" (Elliot Edizioni, 2008). In collaboration with Enrico Parenti he directed the documentaries "Shakespeare on the Rocks" aired on SkyArte in November 2016 and "The Body Electric" (working title). In 2010 he obtained the title of Authorized Teacher of Linklater Method and held courses of Vocal Training at the School of the Stable Theater of Turin (2010/11), the Schauspiel Institut of Innsbruck (2011), the International Academy of Dramatic Art - Teatro Quirino (11/11/2012), the University Theater Center La Sapienza University of Rome (2012), the Stockholm Stadsteater (2013), the Estudio Corazza para el Actor in Madrid (2014), The Theater Festival of Smyrna, Turkey (2016), the University of Cluj, Romania (April 2017) and at the National Academy of Dramatic Silvio d'Amico Art in Rome (where he teaches since 2008), the Q-Academy and the CAFT of Rome (from 2013). Since 2013 he is Artistic Director of the TEATRO ECO LOGICO FESTIVAL in Stromboli, for which he received the Medal of the President of the Republic.