Scholarships A.Y. 2018/19

Public funds Laziodisu

L’Accademia Internazionale di Teatro adheres to Laziodisu (institution for the Right to University Studies in Lazio) which grants scholarships and other Benefits to Competition (accommodation places, supplementary contributions for training experiences abroad and degree prizes) through funds for the Right to University Study in Lazio. The Single Call Laziodisu 2018/2019 expires on 25 July 2018. Therefore the candidates for the new Academic Year of the 1st level Academic Diploma Course in the Recital of the International Theater Academy that have the necessary income requirements, must participate no later than beyond 25 July 2018 registering in the area reserved for students on the website The registration can be made even if the admission tests at the International Theater Academy are not the only entry test in which the candidate participates: in case of scholarship winnings, this will be liquidated only after enrollment. In case of first presentation of the application, students can request the Pin by registered mail or by going to the Adisu Roma 1. To participate in the Laziodisu Competition Open Competition, students of the International Theater Academy must possess specific economic and merit requisites: the economic requirement is assessed on the basis of the Equivalent Economic Situation Indicator (ISEE), while the merit is taken into consideration only from the second year and takes into account the credits earned. The students declared winners are entitled to the scholarship following the publication of the relative ranking. The Benefits made available by the Single Call for Laziodisu are:
1. Accommodation places Laziodisu assigns accommodation places at their facilities, for a period of ten months. Only "out-of-office students" enrolled in universities with registered offices in Lazio can apply for accommodation.
2. Contributions for international mobility Students receiving Laziodisu scholarships, enrolled at the University of Lazio, are entitled to the integration of scholarships for participation in international mobility programs.
3. Degree award Students who are "winners" of a scholarship who obtain a three-year degree within the legal duration of the relevant course of study, can benefit from an additional amount equal to 50% of the scholarship obtained in the academic year of reference. of the degree.

Accademia Internazionale di Teatro

L'Accademia Internazionale di Teatro makes available for the A.A. 2018/19, a maximum of n. 5 Partial Scholarships awarded with the merit criterion among students belonging to the 1st income bracket, assessed on the basis of the ISE indicator. (Theater Academies - Academic Acting Academies - EQF 6th level). After December 20, at the discretion of the College of Professors, the outcome of the admission tests, academic exams, credits, assessments acquired, creative and performative activities and the quality of participation in the shows, will determine the assignment of n. 5 Scholarships with the merit criterion within the 1st and 2nd income bracket. With the same score, the lower ISE will be considered. If the number of students in the 1st and 2nd income bracket is less than five, the remaining scholarships will be extended to the students of the 3rd income bracket and assigned with the same criteria.

The awarding of scholarships involves the reduced payment of the Academic Fee charged to the student from January to June 2019, in a single solution, as follows:

Academic Assignment Fee 1st Year of the Course (January / June 2019): € 1.000 by December 20th 2018

The scholarships (ACCADEMIE DI TEATRO / ACCADEMIE RECITAZIONE / SCHOOL THEATER) for the recitation course of the International Theater Academy, School of Recitation Rome, are assigned to aspiring students on the basis of a ranking drawn up according to the criterion of merit for n . 5 students belonging to the 1st and 2nd income brackets. (TEATRO SCHOOLS - ACADEMIES RECITAZIONE) For the purposes of admission to the International Theater Academy, Acting School in Rome, it is important that the students of the acting course have a good literary culture, go to the theater and attend author's cinema. The ability to listen, the flexibility in the approach to acting and in creative choices is fundamental in the formation of theater / cinema / entertainment. (ACCADEMIE DI TEATRO ITALIA - EU RECITAZIONE SCHOOLS).