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Exams and Diplomas

Must be taken for final diploma, of Actor-Director School:

1st DIDACTIC CYCLE Oct./Jun. 1st year

  1. Use of voice and diction 1st yearly (practical)
  2. Dramatic reading and expressiveness 1st yearly (practical)
  3. Tragic monologue - text analysis (theoretical - practical)
  4. Neutral mask (practical)
  5. Ancient tragedy: ritual, poet, narrator, coryphaeus (practical)
  6. Narrative technique (practical)
  7. Original writing: eastern and western stories and tales (theoretical - practical)
  8. Fair theatre: pyramids, call for the audience (practical)
  9. White pantomime - Narrator/mime (practical)
  10. Interpretative techniques of characterization: dialogues, Basle masks (practical)
  11. Construction of character/against character and his staging (practical)
  12. Construction of a cinematographic cheracter with Stanislavskij-Strasberg method (practical)
  13. Anthropology of gesture: original writing (theoretical - practical)
  14. Modern drama: construction of theatrical and cinematographic character (practical)
  15. Poetical acting (practical)
  16. Dance theatre sequence (practical)

2nd DIDACTIC CYCLE Oct./Jun. 2nd year

  1. Use of voice and diction 2nd yearly (practical)
  2. Dramatic reading and expressiveness 2nd yearly (practical)
  3. Singing (practical)
  4. Rhythm (practical)
  5. The Demi-mask of Comedy of Art (theoretical - practical)
  6. Joke of Comedy of Art (practical)
  7. Monologues and soliloqui of Comedy of Art (practical)
  8. Molière: characters, free adaptation of tests - Test analysis (theoretical - practical)
  9. Individual parody (practical)
  10. Ironic original writing, grotesque and clownish (practical)
  11. Shakespeare: theatrical monologue (practical)
  12. Shakespeare: theatrical dialogue (theoretical - practical)
  13. Shakespearean cinematographic characters (practical)
  14. Elizabethan theatre, verse and prose (theoretical - practical)
  15. Study of "gag" and "dysfunction"  (practical)
  16. The comic phenomenon: characters, situations (practical)

3rd DIDACTIC CYCLE Nov./April 3rd year

  1. History of theatre - Dramaturgy (theoretical)
  2. Use of voice and expressiveness 3rd yearly (practical)
  3. Characters of modern and contemporary comedy: theatrical and cinematographic (theoretical - practical)
  4. The '900 avant-garde: free adaptation of dealt tests (theoretical - practical)
  5. Figurative arts and theatre: sequence of pictorial works (theoretical - practical)
  6. Musical sequence (practical)
  7. Parody of media's actuality and sociology (theoretical - practical)
  8. Costume satire: characters and situations (practical)
  9. Theatrical pedagogy (theoretical - practical)
  10. Original script and direction (theoretical - practical)
  11. Organization, legislation, promotion and production of show sector (theoretical)

Of the International Theatre School

At the end of the three didactic cycles students will take final exams in the following way:

  • Two practical exams: show's presentation and individual direction presentation
  • Two theoretical exams: discussion of a monographic paper on chosen style or  author and presentation of personal script and direction
  • Final votes will be given in thirtieth and written on Diplomas

Diplomas of professional qualify: "Actor" and "Direction Assistant" given by Lazio Region with Region Resolution No 2818 of 16/7/2010 according to title of Regional Law of 25/02/92 (Rif. Del. G.R. Acting Schools), are valid in all national territory and, since 2005, recognized by European Community (Dir 2005/36/EC - Ref. EAC/A4 No 973/05 - EN 2011 Education/Culture).

The professional outlets institutionally permitted are those that regard the acquire competences of the three scholastic cycles:

1. Actor/Interpreter /theatrical and cinematographic)
2. Assistant Director/Dramatist
3. Theatre Teacher
4. Promoter/Organizer of sector/show

The International Theatre School Acting Academy of Rome, doesn’t admit new students at the 2nd and 3rd year of school since it is absolutely necessary the attendance to lessons of the all three years of school in order to take the final exam of the acting school.